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My name is Angelica. I am young, cheerful, optimistic beautiful affectionate woman. I have beautiful bright green-blue eyes and beautiful long straight brown hair.... I have beautiful shapely figure. I am passionate, sexy, sensual, kind, honest and sincere. I am a Woman ... and I love that I am Woman. I enjoy feeling myself well, to look very well, to dress beautifully and always stay in fit. I love to look gorgeous; and I love always to be very attractive for my Man!! I love a lot of things in this life: I love to travel and to see new places. Over my travels I understood that happiness could not come with new place. Happiness - is to travel together with someone who is my love and whom I feel close to! Something what I consider very important for me now is to meet right man (husband) for future life. My future family, my husband will be always number One for me in the life!!. Name: Angelica.
Id No: 15.


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