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96K Maratha fair girl 33/157 MSc Computer Software professional serving TCS. Preferred Maharashtrian. Contact Prafullah 020-7655396 EMail: >
Id No: 6495.

Wanted Professional 35-42 yrs, for 36 yrs fair beautiful MSc PG Diploma (T&T) from cultured Maharashtrian Brahmin family. Phone 98453-57077. EMail:
Id No: 6432.

DBR beautiful slim healthy girl Feb'68/160 Marathi, Kannada completing Doctorate ECO DEC US Univ. Early marriage. EMail:
Id No: 5866.

Suitable groom for Maharashtrian girl 1970, 5'1", MSc (Comp Sci) USA Green Card. Ph 022-8410102. EMail:
Id No: 5852.

Alliance invited for 24 / 5'1" Smart graduate girl, BSc(Textiles), Self employed belonging toCultured Business Family .From Well settled, Qualified SKP, CKP Brahmin Saraswat boys. Call 020-5465484. EMail:
Id No: 5689.

Alliance invited Qualified groom well employed India Abroad for Saraswat girl, convent educated, 1967/5'2" graduate Graphic Designer. EMail:
Id No: 5688.

Alliance invited for 28 5'3" Slim , Smart , Interior Designer girl, working in Pune. Settled Maharashtrian boy. EMail:
Id No: 5687.

Compatible Match for postgraduate working girl 31/165 from open minded Professionally Qualified wel Hindu Boy. EMail:
Id No: 5686.

Parents of Slim Fair Pretty Kshatriya Maratha girl 26/5'3" Postgraduate invited Alliance from Well-settled Professional hailing from good Maratha family. Girl currently employed in Mumbai as HR executive in a Multinational. Software Company. Ph: 080-33790, 022-4939309. EMail:
Id No: 5677.

Alliance invited for 96K Maratha girl Apr'74 born, 164 height, BCom, MBA(Finance), Covenanted fair Slim homely Cultured Army Officer family from well Qualified and settled boys. EMail:
Id No: 5676.

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