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Hi I'm shanaj .I want a good life partner.. Name: Shanaj. Phone: 01728523200.
Id No: 700.

An above 40, a wictom of un-planned marriage with an arab. Lookinf forward for a life partner preferably widow or divorced or un-married (30-35) expected to act as a curing person to a wounded.Currently having an Imp-Exp Business in middle east (newly established). . Name: Anjum Raza Ghouri.. Address: P.O.Box 490 Al-Ruseifah 13710 Jordan.. Phone: 00962796152441.
Id No: 664.

Sunni Muslim 26/157 fair, slim, bae MA Geo, Teacher in recognised school.
Id No: 8109.

Sheikh Sunni parents Delhi based invite alliance for their Beautiful daughter 24/160, last year completed BVMS earning in six figures monthly.
Id No: 7494.

Sunni Syed parents invite alliance for their only daighter, father on Defence, brother NRI USA. Ph: 0298 2260360.
Id No: 7493.

SM Sheikh parents UP Mumbai based invite alliance, from well settled educated family, for their working daughter 23/5'1" good looking , smart slim & fair convent educated, Diploma Electronic Engg & Software Technology. Phone 98215-62160, 022-8220010 EMail:
Id No: 6547.

SM Business family girls 28/5'4" BCom, 26/5'6" Convented, BA, respected family. Mini Graduate, preferred Karnatka-Mumbai settled. Phone 022-6315952, 6973049 EMail:
Id No: 6546.

Sunni Syed Sheikh well educated settled match for Syed girl 24/160 pretty slim convented Aligarh MSW(Jamia) working. Phone (0551)241173/335959 EMail:
Id No: 6545.

Australian immigrant S Muslim 30/5'9" girl wheatish Software professional, seeks Software professional boy 30-35 settled/willing to settle in Australia. M 098250-37567 EMail:
Id No: 6543.

Alliance invited for Sunni Sheikh girl, 33/157, good looking, fair, v. cultured, Graduate in English Literature, self-employed, belongs to highly reputed sophisticated, Delhi-based, educated, business family. Families with educated cultural background may pl apply. Urdu speaking preferred.
Id No: 6300.

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