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Professionally qualified Match for Saini Sikh boy 28/5'-8', MBA, Deputy Manager (HR) leading automobile company. Salary 40000 pm. Upper Caste no bar.. Phone: 0175-2360179.
Id No: 486.

Saini Gursikh well-settled in UK Civil Engineer, 25/5'-7", interested for CA, BDS, IT, BSE, Nursing.. Phone: 0161-2307839.
Id No: 350.

Well settled Saini Sikh family seeks beautiful slim and qualified girl for their handsome & teetotaller son 26/5'-11' practising advocate in Punjab Haryana High Court. Only sister married in UK. Father and mother Class-1 officers. Phones 9855535423, 0172-2211796. Phone: 0172-2211796.
Id No: 250.

Wanted Beautiful Saini girl, preferred UK/USA/Canada/Australia citizen for (only son), handsome, 24/5'-9", BSc degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. Father Deputy Secretary Lok Sabha, mother Class-2 officer in Central Government. Early marriage. Phone: 011-22377403.
Id No: 9272.

Well-qualified slim, Beautiful girl for Saini Sikh, non-turbaned boy, 30/5'-9.5". 6L per annum, MS Media Management (UK), working as senior manager in a large media group at Delhi, belings to a highly educated, respectable family owning U/R property.
Id No: 9238.

Alliance invited from beautiful, slim professionally qualified girl for Saini Sikh, non-turbanned 1973/5'9"/6L pa, MS Media Management from UK working as Senior Management in large Media Group at Delhi, belonging to highly educated respected family owning U/R property. Please reply with detailed CV. Email:
Id No: 7483.

Match for Saini Sikh Boy 25/5'7" very fair, Doing business Amritsar annual income 7-fig, income tax payee. Father retired Indian Navy. 0183-423949
Id No: 6966.

Match for Post graduate Saini Boy 30/5'8", UK returned planning to do business in Chandigarh seeking Beautiful Girl above 5'4" from status family. Cont: 878, Sector 38-A, Chandigarh. 0172-696525
Id No: 6965.

Saini Hindu Boy 31/5'7"/14000/MA/MPEd Govt teacher Delhi prefer teaching Girl. Cont: 011-7490365
Id No: 6964.

Suitable homely, beautiful, Manglik match for Saini (Manglik) smart boy, 25/172, graduate, own business in Delhi. Phone 011-6853405
Id No: 6095.

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